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Ary Iturralde

Public Relations & Networking

“We fuse Public Relations with Our LifeStyle to Make Business”

Whether we will be conducting a Meeting or a Wedding Celebration, Ary & Ale (A.K.A as DonChule)  will be “doing Networking”, connecting people & making Alliances with the conviction of giving you the Best version of them!

| Public Relations is our LifeStyle!

Human interaction builds honesty.

Sincerity and support create bridges of communication and make us grown together.

PR is achieved through the effective-communication, tapping the power of word-of-mouth.

We create loyalty and advocacy for your goods, services and/or ideas.

Ary will be ready to share with you her Knowledge, improving relationships and engage effectively.

“My conviction and values have been strengthened by my Independence. We encourage our clients or colleagues to communicate, engage and build relationships with their stakeholders”

Public Relations are the Soul of Our Job, is our way to Live our Lives!

Let’s work: