Destination Wedding

What is a Destination Wedding?

A Destination Wedding is defined as marrying just 100 or more miles from where the bride currently lives.

While you could go as far afield as you choose, there’s no need to get out the passports if you’d rather stay closer to home.

If you’ve already attended dozens of weddings in your hometown or your area lacks a suitable option, consider moving the party just a couple of hours’ drive away — the quick change in scenery may feel like another world.

Bridal Party
Nowdays, the variety of Airlines and flights can give you the opportunity to flight from one Country to another in just a couple of hours.

A Destination Wedding is perfect for couples who want to avoid stress, big budgets, and the anxiety of the logistical jigsaw-puzzle most weddings create.

If you are a couple that loves the idea of a hassle-free, intimate affair, it may be the perfect choice for your budget and your sanity.

A Wedding Weekend it is an amazing way to include family and friends on your adventure.

Farewell Bonfire- Wedding

If you want the same advantages of exclusivity but don’t want to go down the matrimony path completely solo, a destination wedding can check both boxes.

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